Birthday Parties at LBR

Celebrate your birthday at LBR! Parties include an exclusive climbing space, tables to set-up food or whatever you want, and staff to help guide the climbing experience for the party. It’s going to be super fun and guaranteed to be more memorable than any party you’ve ever had.

Pricing & Details

Birthday parties have a flat rate fee of $350 for up to 14 kids. All parties come with 2 staff to ensure the safety of your group and lead fun climbing activities.

We require a 7:1 ratio of participants to staff. Any more than 14 participants requires a third staff member to be present. This costs an extra $100. Any additional climbers is an extra $25 per climber. *For example - If you want to host a party for 15 participants the total cost is $475 ($350 + $100 for extra staff + $25 for extra climber)

Give us a call at (562) 612-3008 for inquiries